Introduction and Welcome

Welcome to kemia! An open source (Apache Licensed) chemical structure and reaction editor. Our mission is to create the world’s first open source, 100% javascript chemistry toolkit.

Why? Because chemists are asking for tools that run in a web browser and scientific discovery works better when collaborative technologies, like the web, are utilized in a scientific context. This work is a collaboration between open source developers at the European Bioinformatics Institute Chemoinformatics and Metabolism Team and Wingu Inc.

What can Kemia Do Today?

Try out the Demo.


  • Easy-to-use, intuitive editor
  • SMILES parser
  • Coordinate Generation
  • Molfile parser
  • Fast
  • Easily extendible via plugin architecture


  • Pure Javascript
  • Works on popular browsers


  • Status
    * Kemia is pre-alpha software that runs and mostly works.
  • Planned Milestones


Getting Started

Alright I’m convinced, how do I get involved?

Fork me on GitHub